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Sea and party immediately reminds me of Barcelona. 2-3 weeks may be too long to stay just in Barcelona. You could take a train or drive to Marseille in under 5 hours and thereafter end your journey with the pleasant summer weather in Nice. Not a party place though.


No, not on Google Maps. However, you CAN partially accomplish this using Waze. Waze was acquired by Google in 2013. Use Waze's "check routes for a different time" feature allows specifying a different time, but as far as I can tell it doesn't allow specifying a specific date or even a specific day of the week.


First, are you sure you need to print your tickets? I know some trains require physical printed tickets but many trains, buses and airlines will be OK checking the ticket on a smartphone (if you have one). Assuming you've already considered that and you do need to print the tickets then you have a few options. Internet cafes are actually surprisingly ...


As a tour operator, my first advice is to skip the international airfare component, as the moment you tell everyone you have a deal on Delta, Uncle Joe will say he wants United for points and cousin Ellie will say she wants LAN to use her credit card points. Plus if they are starting in different cities, it becomes a nightmare. And group rates aren't any ...

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