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The high temperature in Banff and Jasper today is mid-50s (F). There's mention of brief road closures for avalanche risk, but not for unplowed snow. Hotels are available. Unless there is a particular activity you need to check on, I'd think now. (I'm not sure what you mean by snow disappearing; if you look high enough up, you'll see snow any time.)


Giving you a detailed answer is difficult, as we don't know exactly what you are interested in, and different businesses are going to run to different schedules. However... There is a very good rule of thumb for outdoor non-winter and tourist activities in Canada. That rule of thumb is that the summer tourist and activity season runs from the Victoria Day ...


Norwegian Air Shuttle specifically only sells point-to-point trips - in practice, this means that rather than making one-way trips artificially expensive (and in exchange maybe having slightly cheaper two-way trips), which is what most airlines do, your itinerary has no effect on the prices. So there is no need to look for a multi-city or two-way option; ...


A fair number of airline websites offer what is called 'multi-city' booking/search option. You can create all sorts of routings, but need to consider that the airline you are searching might not serve all the city pairs. You maybe be able to use the alliance websites to create a multi-carrier itinerary. The OTA (online travel agencies) may offer a ...

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