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There's a service called Flightradar24, and they have this to say in the description: In addition to ADS-B data, we also get data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. This data is based on radar data and includes all commercial air traffic in US and Canadian air space (i.e. not just planes with ADS-B transponders). Unlike ...


FlightAware provides an estimated take-off and landing time. It might be useful as an estimate, but will definitely help with identifying an aircraft type and airline. Destinations will be much more difficult to come by, unless you match up the arrival times with the timetables for a particular airline. For Zurich:


The flight tracker websites actually have an incentive to not be exactly correct, and they argue that this is for security. The cynical mind would suggest it just gives them a bit of a cost saving when it comes to information polling, updates etc. Generally they will be within five minutes or so and reasonably accurate on flight paths (around here they ...


(I'll add my own answer to my question since I found a very cool tool that works at least for Zurich airport.) For Zurich airport there is an online real-time flight tracker available on this website. It is a really awesome tool that shows you all the planes that have a transponder (~80%) and that are within the limits of two antennas placed on hills around ...

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