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1a) You will show your passport at airline checkin, so they know you (probably) have the right to enter the UK. As a US citizen, you don't need a visa. 1b) You will not go through US customs or CBP when leaving the US. 1c) You will show your passport to the UK border control in LHR. 2) If you're ticketed on United the whole time, your bags will almost ...


Primanti brothers is an excellent and iconic sandwich place in Pittsburgh. Wikipedia link has a list of notable mentions this enterprise has received. There are multiple locations in the city. The Cathedral of Learning is the second tallest university building in the world and houses 29 nationality rooms which are a must visit. The Duquesne incline is an ...


I've already done some searching and found a few options, but since it's a commercial airport in a populated area I am thinking there may be more options like a better connection from nearby, a shared shuttle or something elsethat I'm not finding. I'm hoping someone will follow up with a better answer. Getting to Pittsburgh from Latrobe I found these ...


I know another way, you can use a private transportation service like Shuttle Wizard they can pick you up from wherever you are and take you to an airport, and they operate within all of the US. I've used it various times and it's been pretty helpful to me.

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