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You can book an "Underground Bunker Tour" here: Berliner Unterwelten. There are several options to see bunkers or subway tracks that ran from east to west with underground checkpoints at the fromer border. There is also the Gesundbrunnenbunker where you can book a tour. And you can see the Flakturm in the Humboldthain near by.


The UT Tower and the Frost Bank building are the tallest structures in Austin; It helps preserve the smaller town feel. I thoroughly explored the city in my time as a college student. I highly recommend the Highway 360 bridge and Mount Bonnell. As far as skyline views, a secret spot is the campus of St. Edwards University on South Lamar (15-20 min drive ...


USC - kinda. Not too many tall buildings but Mudd Hall may be accessible (South end of campus). Also some buildings in VKC (Von Kleinsmid Center) in center of campus could work. The Leavey Library too. Aside from that..Watts Towers? Isn't so tall nor towering, but is a photogenic place. South LA isn't called the flatlands for nothing ...

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