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The bad news is, they simply didn't want to take a photo with you, that's it. That's the common excuse flight attendants use when they don't want to take a photo with someone. To prove this, check this Facebook photo album, in one of the most famous cabin crew groups in Facebook (I don't own it). You will see many photos for Emirates cabin crew with ...


Picasa has a feature to tag place, people and date/time on pictures, and afaik also view the map with all the thumbnails.


If you are using your smart phone to take pictures, both Google and Apple have this functionality built into their respective platforms.


When you say you want to keep them private, does that mean you want them on the web but only visible to you or you want to keep them only on your computer ? I know that Adobe Lightroom does that. Here's a video showing the feature : Flickr also support that that. (the only one I checked, I assume other site like ...


There are various articles and threads about certain airports which have good advice regarding the likelihood of getting a good view from certain sides of an aircraft given origin, destination and prevailing winds, e.g. Daily Mail - various Bora Bora Dubai JFK Paris Hong Kong Seattle Also, some aircraft air equipped with tail cams and belly cams and you ...


The easiest solution is to simply take several SD cards on the trip. Assuming you will take 10GB of pictures per day for 3 weeks, you will need 210GB of storage. This can be easily covered by taking four 64GB SD cards. This is what professional photographers do since no hard drive can compare in terms of reliability to a simple SD card. A single 64GB SD ...


Edit: The below solution is not uploading for cloud, but making multiple copies of photos while traveling. Reason being internet connection, data limits, power availability etc.. I solved this dilemma few months ago, of making multiple backups of photos while traveling, by buying a Western Digital My Passport Wireless hard drive. Some features: Comes in ...


I agree with the comments that backup to the cloud in China will be problematic. Backing up GBs per day will be unrealistic. If you don't wish to take a laptop with you, I'd suggest buying a memory card backup device. Nextodi make multiple models of backup/storage devices such as this one on Amazon which is battery powered, has video preview, and contains ...


These are not considered as "sharps"1, but my recommendation is to carry them in a carrying case (something like this item from Nisi): I would not risk it in checked baggage unless you put them in a Pelican case or something extremely robust. Source - sadly, first hand experience with checked in photography equipment, even though it was in its original ...


This photo was taken in Santa Monica, California, from the bridge leading to the pier, which is named Colorado Avenue. You can see the same angle from Street View.


Santa Monica California. I googled the name on the bottom left of the image and came across this post. The post says Malibu, but I think Malibu is further up the coast. For some reason, I can't find the name of the road on google maps, so had to resort to using bing... Very close to Santa Monica pier. Google streetview link.

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