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Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath However you might not want to be on Hampstead Heath at night on your own with expensive photographic equipment.


A couple of places spring to mind. From around Greenwich observatory is one of them. You don't need to get inside the observatory. If you arrive to the Cutty Sark DLR station and then walk from there to the observatory, you'll be climbing up a steep incline toward it - from that path you get a really nice view of the city. The problem though is that you'd ...


I just wanted to give some short feedback on what I have done: I wrapped my USB power bank in a plastic bag Separated cables by wrapping all into another plastic bag Put both plastic bags inside my rucksack Camera as it is including its battery. Upon TSA security check I put those bags and camera into the containers. Everything was fine - no one ...


I just returned from a short trip to Istanbul, and thought I'd let readers know that this airport can have very long queues at arrivals and departures. Upon arriving, we obtained the "sticker visa" (45 euro for a sticker- only cash) which took less than 5 minutes, following which we joined the huge queue in front of Immigration, which took over 50 minutes. ...


The last time I went to IST there was no xray customs inspection on the way out of the airport (if there was one I was not selected to go through it), but there is one on the way in at the airport entrance before the check in desk and a second xray scan at the real security check point. Information from July 2014


Yes, Istanbul too have the same kind of system, For your kind information Istanbul have reestablished the new security system, I would like to mention here one news article posted in 2007 regarding Istanbul security system, in TODAYS ZAMAN, They have installed explosives detection system (EDS), the EDS provided luggage security in stages. The system has both ...


I can't comment on Mongolia but people generally love receiving hard copy photos if you can provide them. On one trip I took a small portable printer capable of 6 x 4 prints. (HP Photosmart). 1.2 kg - more if rechargeable battery fitted + paper + ink - so some commitment involved. This takes some effort and weight and volume (probably 2kg all up with ...

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