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Being Dutch, I have never heard of such law. I also doubt there is a law that would cover this, I would take it as a try to intimidate you. But also as a 'please really, really do not do this.' If caught out after you made the picture and before you had seen the sign, I would let them try to sue you. But if seeing the sign before you take the picture, do ...


I haven't carried silver film for a decade but back when I did the best solution I found was some clear plastic tubes meant for making film easy to hand inspect without having to open anything. Below is a picture of one such tube: The tube can hold 5 rolls but I only put 4 so one can see the ends of the rolls without taking a cap off.


Kodak (people more familiar with film than most) have this handy page which they last updated in 2003(!) on film and x-ray machines: X-ray equipment used to inspect carry-on baggage uses a very low level of x-radiation that will not cause noticeable damage to most films. Of course, the obvious: Note: X rays from airport scanners don't affect ...

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