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I walked from the hostel zone near the Independence Monument to the immigration office, opposite the airport (a long way, not recommended for people less crazy than me). Apparently a tuk-tuk would be about $9/$10 but we discovered there is a comfortable air-conditioned city bus to the airport for KHR 1,500 (37 and a half cents!) which runs along ...


According to this thread on a dedicated forum there's a bike shop called Flying Bikes in Phnom Penh that should sell Hydrapacks's. Flying Bikes sell Hydrapaks - as good as a camelbak. A quick search on Google maps reveals that there are two homonymous shops with incremental names. I'm not sure if they are part of the same franchise though. Here is ...


10 April 2015. The Immigration / Visa office quoted me the following extension rates: 1 month - $30 3 months - $60 6 months - $100 They were very particular in wanting to see my rental contract and would not give me a visa that extended past it. Also my wait time is 3 weeks due to Khmer New Year


From everything online (blogs, wikitravel, and websites) the ferry as you know is best in the wet season, when the river is high (June to November, usually) However, as the dry season approaches or ends, it's debateable. If the rain comes early, you could be ok. However April is quite well into the dry season, but still over a month before the rains - ...


I managed to find a couple of shops which had "hydration bladders" as well as "hydration packs", all of them were westernised bicycle shops with a wide range of accessories. Flying Bikes 2 had a good quality 1 liter bladder for 23 USD and a lower quality 2 liter for 18 USD. On street 182 between Bd. Charles De Gaulle and Monivong Bd. there was a ...


Google Maps has a way of showing this for you. In this case, searching for directions between the two shows that it's approximately 179km-244km, depending on which highway/road you take. The fastest route is expected to take 3 hours 20, and the longest will be just over 4 hours. At this point you could look at the routes and perhaps check on google images ...


Either the Sorya Mall or the Aeon Mall have electronics shops that sell SD cards.

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