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Flying from Palawan to Manilla is classed as a domestic flight, because you are not leaving the Philippines. For this flight, you will need to go through customs at Manilla unlike other domestic flights due to the set-up of the airport. However, this will not be a problem as you are not importing mangoes into the country, just moving them across the ...


Each container can hold up to 100 ml and you can take as many containers as will fit in a 1 liter plastic bag. I'm not sure about the Philippines' interpretation of the rule, but some countries want a closable type bag (ziplocks, etc) and you have to be able to close it with all the containers inside.


As of May 2016, I used my Fidelity Check Card in every ATM, from the local ones to those of foreign banks. So far, the only ATM that didn't charge a fee was the HSBC ATM. For reference, I used the one in Greenhills. In regards to changing currencies, the best rates in the entire Philippines are in Greenhills within Manila. Only use the money changers that ...

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