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As a Filipino citizen you are not eligible for a "visa on arrival" in the UAE. Instead, you have to apply for a visa beforehand. Etihad Airways helps you to arrange the visa. They provide an online service for this sake.


I'd say you should book the ticket and apply for a canadian passport and pay for urgent processing. Your passport will cost close to 300 CAD with the additional fee tacked on but it should still be worth it if you are saving that much money on the tickets. If you show the passport office proof of travel (the ticket) and pay the necessary fee, you will be ...


Yes, you will need a visa if you get off the boat. There are different cases though, and the UK government offers some questionnaire to help you. You do not get off the boat If you do not get off the boat, or to be precise if you do not cross the UK border control, then you do not need a visa, according to the UK government website. You get off the boat, ...

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