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I have the same issue when I travel as my name is extremely long as well. I've had them cut my name off, combine the names into one, and do all sorts of other things. But I have never had problems. I am sure the name is accurately documented somewhere in the system, it's just a space issue on any printed confirmation.


Don't worry! Full middle names are never required on flight tickets, and even the initials are usually not needed. As long as the rest of the name and the initials match the passport, she will be fine.


No, there is no restriction on where you travel from, as long as the other requirements on the visa are met.


Yes, you can travel to South Korea visa free, according to the official website for foreigners in Korea, as long as: You're not a citizen of Macedonia, Cuba, Syria, Sudan or Iran You're holding a valid visa for Australia in the form of a physical sticker (e-visas are excluded) You are traveling to Australia from any country OR traveling from Australia to ...

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