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The Philippine Airlines 777-300ER has some of the better seats in Economy of any airline. Excluding bulk-head/exit row, the economy seats have a pitch of between 33-34", a width of 18.5", and a 6 degree recline in a 3-4-3 configuration. Whilst that's hardly luxurious, it's at least as good as the majority of airlines, and better than most! As with many ...


Sorry, but this kind of stuff is standard for low-cost carriers and is the price you pay for cheap tickets. Cebu is particularly bad, there was a bit of a flap in Singapore a few years back when Cebu cancelled a bunch of flights and stonewalled passengers who wanted their money back for months on end. So. The 800 PHP change fee applies only if you change ...


Haven't been on the Philippine Airline version of the 777-300er, but have been on several others. The double seats in the back are standard seats, no smaller. Because the cabin gets narrower, they can't put nine seats, so switch to 7 in the last couple of rows. There are some drawbacks. First the seats don't line up with the ones in front, so you may not ...


After checking the seat layout provided in @pnuts's answer... Bad news No good seats to fit your exact needs, I was thinking of the bulkhead seats, but it seems in this particular airplane for this particular airline the bulkhead seats have "restricted leg room", which is not the case in many other airlines, as they add few extra inches to the leg room in ...


Try contacting them through their Facebook site and / or email address. A friend of mine shared how Cebu Pacific mishandled his baggage, and it caused a lot of uproar on Facebook, resulting in Cebu Pacific emailing him an apology and a promise to help.

4 has an extensive review of Philippine Airline's 777-300ER "Fiesta" Class. They also have the full seat map. Unfortunately, the other seat recommendation sites below currently do not have Philippine's 777s, but they may add it in the near future... SeatGuru SeatExpert SeatMaestro SkyTrax


It is imperative that you BOOK EARLY TO GET FOUR SEATS TOGETHER. Put all other considerations aside. There're no "good" seats in that plane, no difference. As soon as you see this, SELECT YOUR SEATS so that you get four together. It is very likely that you will get caught out by this new crap where the airlines will magically require you to pay a few ...


They do not have in-seat power in economy class:


I'm a US citizen and I just had a layover in Shanghai this past December. Actually had to switch planes and carriers. Neither carrier cared about any of it--I was totally on my own. The airport immigration staff just asked to see my printout of my ticket and passport--that was it.

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