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Most European carriers that serve Thailand also serve the USA. So you could simply book through one of those that do allow small dogs in the cabin. The only USA carrier still flying to Bangkok is Delta. American and United now offer only code share flights.


The UK has requirements for bringing pets into the country which, while stringent, are fairly easy to meet. As long as you have all your pet's documentation in order, it will not be quarantined or refused entry. The following is a brief summary: If your pet already has an EU pet passport, then you need do nothing but keep rabies booster shots up to date. ...


I think it very much depends on what country you're travelling from to the UK. If you're in the EU and some other low risk countries (i.e. those where the risk of rabies is considered small), then normally all that is required is a microchip, up to date vaccinations and documentation and I think you're OK. You said hypothetically Italy which is an EU ...

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