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The "Red Service Sleeper Cabin" is 2nd class and they indeed have power outlets. At least in 2007 I charged my laptop to watch movies on the train. I heard beforehand that the food isn't that great at least not worth the money, so I brought food to cater myself. Bring a book and lots of movies/series to watch. I'm not sure about the booking ahead. I just ...


Cable Beach Resort in Broome should tick most of your boxes. However, being a 2.5 hour flight away from Perth, it's only "close" by WA standards. Busselton and other places around the Margaret River south of Perth are another option, but you're looking at a 2+ hour drive to get to them. If you're looking something under an hour from Perth, there's a fair ...


Given the high probability of looses from sale / resale over the period of time, I would be inclined to rent, or seek out car share options if that suited your circumstances.

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