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I took the novel step of calling Air New Zealand, and they said the flight was booked directly through them even though he used webjet.co.nz (which was why I was reluctant to call them in the first place) the flight is connecting and he will be issued tickets and have his bag checked through from his point of departure.


I assume that since AirNZ and BA don't code share, your trip is on two separate tickets. This might be a problem. The best bet is to ring AirNZ and ask them about the luggage being checked through. If it's not, you're going to have to clear immigration (with a visa) pick up his bag, check in to his second flight, and go through security again. This can take ...


If you're on international flight, staying less than 24 hours in airport, and are not leaving it, you do not need a transit visa. Look at Chinese embassy website.


He'll be fine. Even switching airlines you can usually get the bag checked through. As for changing flights, this should be possible in transit, and even if he has to leave, assuming he's on a NZ passport: Chinese Transit Visa(G): Visas are not required of aliens, who hold final destination tickets and have booked seats on international airliners ...


'How bad' is hard to argue as it varies from day to day. But regularly in recent times it's been in the news for having awful levels, especially concerning to the athletes and spectators in the 2008 Olympics. In summer it can be worse as the hot sun aggravates the situation. Others like you with similar concerns have asked the same questions and found some ...


Yes you can rent bicycles around the airport hotels. This depends on whether you are a foreigner or Chinese national. Most hotels around the airport offer bicycle rentals to Chinese citizens as they only accept an ID card. Other places close to the airport also offer bicycle rentals though some are a bit far, just a few stops from the airport by subway. ...


Updated information about transit visa in Beijing: In order to facilitate the international visitors’ short stay for sightseeing in Beijing, the city now adopts a visa-free transit policy, which allows transit passengers with passport of the following 45 countries to stay in Beijing for 72 hours without visa on direct transit from January 1, 2013: ...

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