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There are four tourist visitable "caverns" (a large amount of the underground space in them was actually created by mining) around Castleton, in the dark peak. Treak Cliff Cavern Blue John Cavern Peak Cavern Speedwell Cavern Of those, I would specifically avoid Speedwell - the tour is on a boat, and there will be no way out. I was in Treak Cliff cavern ...


The Bakewell Tart, Matlock St, Bakewell, DE45 1EE. FAB breakfasts, cosy and friendly. Open 8.30 Sundays.


You will probably struggle. Rural areas such as this in the UK aren't known for long opening hours or 24h-style service. 8am on a Sunday may be difficult, although by 9am you might have more options. Your best bet would be to call a few places - I wouldn't trust any online information you find on a third-party site, and cafes are quite likely not to have a ...


In May this year I took a steam train from London Kings Cross to Matlock (peak district) and since then they have opened a 4 mile stretch and run regular steam train trips between Matlock and Rowsley (4 miles). Price wise it's currently £7.50 for adults and free for under 3. Also the Peak District website looks like it has some good information.


I usually visit Peak District for rock climbing, so I can't offer any ready-made itineraries for walking. If I were to plan a walk myself though I would start from looking at a good map, and the Ordnance Survey Explorer series is usually the best, see: and ...


There appears to be no self-service laundromats or laundrettes in the Peak District proper any more. Instead there are only laundry services in Bakewell (GBP 9 per load) or Tideswell (GBP 4 per kilogram), both of which are decidedly more expensive than doing laundry yourself but correspondingly more convenient. However there are a couple of options just ...


Chesterfield appears not to have much in the way of car rental agencies. That aside, here's a comparison of various towns dotted outside the Peak District: From London (train) To Bakewell (car) Walk to Europcar Walk to Hertz Birmingham 1 hr 25 1 hr 35 10 mins 15 mins Manchester 2 hr 15 1 hr 10 ...


Walking Britain has a great collection of walks, including many in the Peak District. It has information on grading/difficulty, length, locations, detailed instructions, and items of interest along the way. It does not have detailed maps, but provides references to the relevant OS maps that should be taken along.


Having spent quite a bit of time in the Peak District over the years, I wrote up a list of suggestions for friends. Many walks aren't suitable for push chairs, but you may find that the flat, smooth Monsal Trail (old railway line) works out. There is a nice cafe / bookshop at the old Hassop station on the trail. Various tunnels en route make the walk more ...


I can't think of any walks in the Peaks that are reasonably accessible by a push chair, I think a baby carrier is a much more reasonable option there. Also I haven't seen any spectacular things like waterfalls, etc. but I think there are some stone circles (not as spectacular as the Stonehenge though). I did the Nine Ladies walk and it was very nice and ...


Try Edale. There are several campsites in the valley, and some great walking in all directions.

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