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I'm using Mastercard and withdrawal price of $2 per transaction (and 0.5 per declined transaction) has been set by card issuer and no additional fees is paid while withdrawing using ATMs in Serbia


Mark's answer is generally correct -- Japan is still a cash society and it is generally far more convenient (and reliable) to carry a wad of cash easily withdrawn from a 7-11 or Japan Post Office ATM -- yet credit card acceptance is far far better than the dire picture he paints. Places that almost universally (90%+) accept credit cards: Hotels Trains ...


Qualifier: I live in Tokyo. All the large stores, especially the major electronics retailers and any international-level hotel, will accept most credit cards. American Express is certainly the least popular, if you can obtain a Visa you'd have very few problems. Smaller stores, almost all restaurants under $50/plate (and some that are over), and the ...


Without knowing where you are from ... you might check with your bank to see if they have any relationships with a Japanese bank. If your bank does have a relationship then there is a chance that a Visa or MasterCard debit card from your bank will work in the ATMs of the corresponding Japanese bank. Unfortunately there are not huge numbers of banks with ...


Credit cards are definitely NOT widely accepted in Japan. It was slightly better than I'd heard - I'd heard not at all, but I went last year (including Osaka). Essentially, it was easiest to take some cash (As much as you're willing to have on your person), and then go to either a post office or 7-Eleven shops - they have ATMs that allow you to use foreign ...


All retailers should be able to use the magnetic stripe instead of chip-and-pin. This is not just because of foreign cards but also because the magstripe is the back-up system if the chip fails.

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