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I tried last month to use multiple ApplePay cards,including a Bank of America Visa, a personal platinum AMEX and a business gold AMEX for the tube. No luck on all fronts.


My recent experiences trying out different ATMS (around Rancagua) are the following: CorpBanca / Ita├║: 3000clp Banco de Chile / Banco CrediChile: 3500clp Scotiabank: 3500clp Banco Estado: 4000clp (they didn't charge anything extra a few months ago, but now I've tried several and they all want 4000) :-( BBVA: 4100clp BCI: 4738clp Santander / Banefe: 5000clp ...


99% we block credit card in advance and if it's declined at initial stage we don't confirm the booking.. 1% ver amt isn't blocked n declined after no show.. we simply logged it that it's declined... No action against guest..


My wife and I were in Iceland in June 2015 and used our UK-issued Metro Bank debit card (MasterCard) everywhere, very successfully, right up until the point that it got cloned in a garage's pay-at-the-pump machine, and the bank rang us to cancel it. The reason for using it was that Metro don't charge transaction fees inside Europe, so it was mildly annoying ...

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