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Before I answer you Before I answer your question, please read this advise as I did cycle through Patagonia and I can tell you this: The roads are not that easy, sometimes given the roads surface it was challenging doing 50 km in a day; When the roads were alright, then the weather was very very difficult. When the wind blows strongly in the Argentinian ...


Yes, in Chile most venues will only accept Chilean pesos. It's different across the border in Argentina though, there you will fare much better with US dollars.


I did this in January 2014 and I'll try to address your questions: 1) Renting a car in El Calafate is no problem. After some googeling and reading reviews in the Internet, I decided to opt for Nunatak Rent a Car and never regretted the decision. They reliably picked us up from the Airport, even though our flight was a couple of hours late and in generally ...


Check out the map option on booking.com. To start with, zoom in to Bariloche, you'll see that there are more options in the nearby towns, such as El Bolson, Lago Puelo and Esquel. Now zoom in even further, the towns will disappear from the map while you're scrolling downwards, but if the map is zoomed enough, you'll see individual hotels/hostels every once ...


In El Calafate, you will find lots and lots of small travel agencies that offer tours to Torres del Paine. They're quite flexible at organizing whatever you want to do at a reasonable price. Of course in your case, you'll want to book in advance. So just search for "travel agency el calafate" and write some emails.

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