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I'd say it's fairly straightforward, you deal with them on a plane just like any racist individual you meet on the ground. You have several options: Explain to them that you feel they're being offensive in their words/behaviour. They may not realise that certain words are bad, and that may solve the problem on the spot. Ask another flight attendant if you ...


Although I highly doubt how them airline fellows are managing such a thing, but a quick google shows that such a pass does exist : http://www.airindia.com/SBCMS/Webpages/AI-Introduces-Attractive-Ten.aspx


As expected, the website of Air China is yielding results. They pretty much make it clear that they will either get you to your destination within "reasonable time" or refund your ticket: 9.2.2 [...] if we cancel a flight, [...] we shall, at your option, either: carry you at the earliest opportunity on another of our scheduled services on ...

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