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Your ONLY path here is to ask the company you travelled with. They'll be the only one with his details, IF you booked under your names for the trip. Even then, they likely won't give you his name for privacy reasons. However, if you impress upon them the gravity of the situation, they might be prepared to contact him on your behalf and see if he's ...


Contact the coach company: the man you lent the book to might have handed it in as lost property at the end of his journey. It's unlikely that they'll be willing to give you his details because that would be a violation of his privacy. Would they even know who he was? Do they have your details, for example? Would you have any way of telling them which of the ...


Did you get some sort of receipt? Do you know exactly which kind of "security" official confiscated your item? If not, you'll have a very hard time proving anything even happened, although you can try your luck with the airport's complaints line at +86-10-96158. In any case, the airline is not responsible. Security rules are laid out by the Civil ...


To be honest and as a cabin crew member, I have never heard of such a thing. The second advantage of being a flight attendant is meeting different people from different countries and cultures (after going to many places). So having a racist flight attendant is like having a doctor that does not like to touch people! or a nurse that can not see blood. So if ...


Go to the same coach, on the same day of the week, at the same time. There's a very good chance he uses it to commute. You'll probably see him again.


Try putting a personal ad in local newspapers that are sold in the towns of origin and destination for your journey. Maybe you could include TinyURL links (or equivalent) to your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. It's a long shot, but it may be worth trying if the paper is important enough.


In India Government store the name and other detail only if coach is reserved and not for general people. If you paid for a reserve seat a call to Rail department will certainly help you. If it was general coach then you need to take help of Newspaper by publish the ads.


I'd say it's fairly straightforward, you deal with them on a plane just like any racist individual you meet on the ground. You have several options: Explain to them that you feel they're being offensive in their words/behaviour. They may not realise that certain words are bad, and that may solve the problem on the spot. Ask another flight attendant if you ...


As expected, the website of Air China is yielding results. They pretty much make it clear that they will either get you to your destination within "reasonable time" or refund your ticket: 9.2.2 [...] if we cancel a flight, [...] we shall, at your option, either: carry you at the earliest opportunity on another of our scheduled services on ...

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