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In most juristictions that operate with something approaching sanity, someone is liable for accidental damage in the following three cases: They caused the damage deliberately or with "blameworthy carelessness". They have entered into a contract where they explicitly accept to be responsible for the risk. The law contains an explicit exception for the ...


From a common sense point of view - #5 .... its an accident, deal with it. In the hands of a lawyer - #1, #3 & #6 .... the shotgun approach, sue them all and hope one settles rather than fight the case in court.


As for liability, everything depends on what jurisdiction you'll be able to work. If it will be the European (continental - based on Napoleonic Code) law, then you're liable for every damage you have caused, and the factor of 'recklessness' or 'guilt' is unimportant. So the question will arise, who have caused the damage to the laptop, which is not obvious. ...


If this is a domestic flight, then the laws of the country take precedence (i.e., everyone else's guesswork answers probably apply.) If this is an international flight, however, the Warsaw Convention covers this. According to Clauses 17 and 18 of the Warsaw Convention, the airline is liable for any injury (to people, clause 17) or damage (to property, ...

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