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I have never tried that one but it looks like it will do the job: GPS Map Explorer Lite PS: I am not at all linked with that app or the guy/team behind!


You don't need and in fact couldn't use an airport transit visa. You will simply enter the Schengen area in Paris (on the way to Portugal) and leave it again in Paris. Once you are through the passport check in Paris, there is nothing preventing you from leaving the airport and going to the city, as far as visa regulations are concerned (you do need to have ...


Terminal 1 is a little confusing at the beginning. You're right; ride the CDGVAL to the terminal first. In most airports, departures are on the upper level and arrivals on the lower one. But here, the thing is reversed. As you get of CDGVAL you'll end up on the lower floor, which is the departures area with the check-in counters. To get to the arrivals, ...


You're probably overthinking this, as the actual price will depend more on the route, the time, etc. than the airline. It's probably best to just check the price for your specific journey and book the cheapest tickets you can find. If you don't mind a longer travel, you could also use some search engine that will consider many airlines and indirect routes. ...


You could also check Cityjet. They used to be an air france, but changed owners recently. Furthermore, do check all, because depending on dates you want to fly all might be the cheapest. Personally, I avoid Ryanair, just to avoid the hazzle, but if you are strictly abiding to their rules, and buy checked luggage ahead of time, they might be the cheapest

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