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You can queue for the lifts, however this is not your best bet (unless you have difficulty with stairs.) There are two better options...What I would suggest (and what I do whenever I take people there) is: Queue at the Pillar Sud from 8:40 or 8:45 for it to open at 9:00 Pay under €5.00 for a ticket to walk up to level 2 - this is quite exciting in itself ...


There are several aspects of the rules around marriage in France that would make your plan difficult. As far as I know, it's not forbidden to marry as a non-resident but the law is clearly not intended to make it easy. You need to complete some formalities beforehand (publication des bans). It should happen at least 10 days before the wedding but you also ...


The metro stations were a good option when I was in Paris 40 years ago.

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