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You can get a dramatic reduction in price without sacrificing comfort and safety by selecting a Paris suburb that has good Metro connections... Saint-Cloud is a short walk to 'Boulogne-Pont de Saint-Cloud' metro station and a quick search locates decent hotels starting at about EUR 85. La Défense has its own metro station and a quick search locates brand ...


To Peak or Not to Peak? Having done it a bunch of times, I would never advise taking the RER B from the city centre with that much luggage. Especially if you are leaving during peak hours, times at which the RER becomes as packed as the Japanese metro. There's usually no space for people, let alone heavy luggage that's hard to move around. I would therefore ...


Arguably the most commonly used means of transportation to get to/from Beauvais is the shuttle from/to Porte Maillot. To date the price is: Price:         ONE  WAY  per person: €17 at the BUS TICKETS SALE POINT / €15.90 ON LINE FREE for children under 3 years old (no ticket)     //     3 years old+ 1day: 1 ticket The airport webpage on airport ...


Here is a sample page from European Rail Timetable:


Nothing is going to beat Thalys time-wise and Paris-Nord isn't too far away from the center as far as long-distance “departure points” (whether airports, train stations or bus terminals) go. You simply need to combine Thalys with a subway, RER or taxi ride from wherever you find yourself. Even if you could find a bus starting closer to your actual point of ...


You cannot use your zone 1-3 carte to go from zone 5. You may buy a zone 5 - zone 3 ticket at CDG if you already have your zone 1-3 carte.


Vianavigo is a journey planner for public transportation in Paris and Ile de France. It includes regional trains and even local buses. Enter the departure and arrival points : it will provide you with routes and schedules. On the STIF network, which gather public transportations in the Ile de France, prices do not change even if you buy your ticket 30 ...


I figured Wikipedia has nice tables of all lines (regional, national, international) serving each of the major Paris stations. It does not render as nice as a map but they are all there: Gare de Montparnasse Gare de l'Est Gare de Lyon Gare du Nord Gare de Saint-Lazare Gare d'Austerlitz Gare de Bercy


Here is a time to distance map than can be useful. According to its author, it was generated using SNCF sources. Otherwise, a plain standard official map may be useful too.


I found this map of the Ile-de-France region on this site, so I assume it is a 2005 map rather than the most current one. But as rail lines are not changing that fast, it might give you a start on finding a railway destination. On another site you can find a map of France (and more) on which you can zoom in to see the area you want to concentrate on. I find ...


Since you are already in a cab when getting to Gare du Nord, the easiest way would be to have the cab drop you at the airport. The only exception to this would be if the train drops you in a favorable location within the airport so that you don't have to travel much with your luggage.


City to city buses are considerably cheaper than trains (you can often get tickets for as low as €9 when booking in advance), but the fastest bus trip takes 3:50 vs. just 1:20 on Thalys trains. The train is definitely fastest even though the station is less convenient to the sites you mentioned. If the much longer travel time is worth savings and ...

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