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You can easily get a 30-day temporary tourist licence at the Traffic Police Motor Vehicle Service Station in Beijing airport terminal 3 (and probably at other traffic bureaus depending on your point of entry into China). You will need to bring your international driver's licence, a translation of that licence into Chinese, 3 passport pictures (35x25mm), a ...


Unless you are applying for a long stay visa (student, work, etc) there are no criminal background checks needed to visit the USA. When you arrive at the border, CBP will run your passport number through their system and as long as you are not on any watch lists or weren't a bad kid on a previous visit to the USA, entry is quick and simple.


I think you looked at the first page only. The first question on the second page of the form you linked to is Name and nationality of mother.


I think this is quite common in some Asia countries. For example here in Thailand it is the same, even though my parents are now long dead I have to list them on various forms. In the case of India I think they love bureaucracy, it is an old habit and keeps lots of people in jobs I guess. Blame it on the Brits I suppose, though overall I think they helped.


Yes, you need to bring your birth certificate to the consulate. Also, check the regulations specific to Mexico. For me, the required process was: Mail the passport, original birth certificate, and application form to the embassy using a specific courier. No flexibility on this. The embassy was serving many walk-ins by sending them to a counter inside ...


Yes! Today I visited the Bureau of Immigration head office in Intramuros, and they informed me that the normal processing time is three days. (Exactly three days, to the minute. You cannot apply Monday afternoon and pick-up Thursday morning.) The exit clearance fees are included in the ACR I-Card, leaving "only" the P500 general transaction fee. If you can ...


I don't know why India asks for it - but I do know that in some countries the name of the guardian (either the husband for women or father for males and unmarried girls) is part of your passport identification page. This is checked when you are traveling - for example, if I am to sponsor my wife's visa, her passport must state my name under ...

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