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Currently, no. There is no road connecting the two countries. Briefly and recently, a ferry ran between Panama and Colombia. However, it seems it is no longer available: Their Facebook page is empty, their website is suspended. Outdated information at Wikioverland suggests the ferry didn't run for most of 2015 either.


There appear to be several operators that do just the canal tour. This seems to be a fairly typical example. You get to board the boat at the Flamenco Marina or Amador Causeway (both near Isla Perico). The only bus transfer is to get you back from the far end of the tour: partial tours end in Gamboa, so you will need some kind of transfer. There is no ...


There is no tax to pay at the Costa Rica border. The "Exit Tax" you've heard of only applies to those who are flying out of the country, and is officially called the "Airport Tax". Source: I traveled from Panama to Costa Rica in 2010. Also:


According to the rules set forth under the VWP, you're allowed 90 days in the US, and visiting adjacent countries doesn't reset it. The VWP zone includes the US, Canada, Mexico and adjacent islands. Fortunately for you, Panama is NOT part of the VWP zone, and therefore you're fully entitled to visit Panama, have your VWP time period reset, and later return ...

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