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Not directly your question, but things you should have also asked: Check for consequences if you lose your car for some reason and Mexico deems it to be imported, charging you import tax. I'm quite sure there was a corresponding question on this site not long ago. And check what your insurance thinks about it. They may not be happy and not cover you at all ...


Looking at the answers to other similar questions, such as... Driving from US to Central America Driving from San Antonio to Copan Ruinas, Honduras Comparative safety of countries in Central America ...it looks like you might have to be prepared to bribe the police occasionally. Other than that I can't really tell you much but the answers in above ...


I don't think it's extremely risky if you stick to Major thoroughfares. It would also be advantageous if you speak the lingua populi. If you're dead-set on this trip i'd say you should only stop in relatively well off areas. Mexico is not as lawless as the headlines make it out to be, at least, compared to other central american countries.

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