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So, I understand what you meant by "actual operators". Actual operators refers to the boat operators who actually operate the boats. Now, as you pointed out there are two which are fairly common and famous, i.e. Pacific Queen Panama Canal Tours Canal and Bay Tours I found two more which seem to have their own ships based on the obscure information ...


Sadly, most online reviews on TripAdvisor or other local sites also suggest Ancon Hill - others photos suggest that maybe the trees have grown since their shot and yours - or perhaps you need to get closer to the edge? :/ Another suggestion, however, is a different angle - the view from Amador Causeway or Calzada de Amador. It's not a high-up view, but the ...


Maybe you want to give this one a try: http://www.easyridepanama.com/ I once tried a similar service in Panama. It is not the cheapest but works usually. I can't say much more, really. Just use you mouse and click the link!

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