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Another option would be to go through Thailand, take a bus from Pakse to Ubon Ratchathani (3 hours leaving 7:30 am). From there take a bus to Surin running on highway 24, there may be a train (3 hours) as well. From Surin you can take a swangthaew or minibus to the Cambodian border at Chong Jom (2-3 hours). 16 km south of the border is Along Veng but ...


I was in SEA at the beginning of the year. Firstly, good on you for not flying south. It's a very expensive and unnecessary flight for a trip that can very easily be made on land. When it comes to VIP buses in South East Asia, there isn't usually a big difference, but it does depend on the price. Sometimes a VIP bus may give you better seating, A/C, only ...

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