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Your only requirement is the Carnet de Passage. This is sometimes confused with the triptych (but they are not the same thing). You would have had one already since you are already on your trip. Motor vehicle insurance is not mandatory in Pakistan.


If you want to avoid going through Russia, that's a unique challenge. You can try the Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-India route as described here. It's very detailed; your challenges might be getting the right visas and the Iran-Pakistan border. Or you can take a more northern route. Let's look at the ...


I frequently visit Karachi - and even though I am from Pakistan I consider myself an expat since I have lived the majority of my life outside and I am not from Karachi so it adds another layer of unfamiliarity to the situation. Karachi is a very large metropolis - the largest in Pakistan. It has its safe parts, and it has its rough parts just like every ...

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