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Logically the outcome of your situation ought to be that United in New York will be able to issue you a boarding pass for the first leg, but not for the second -- and then you'd be free to check in for the second leg in London once you have arrived there and acquired the appropriate paperwork. You probably can't get your baggage checked through either, but ...


For Pakistan, British passports simply need to be valid for the period of intended stay. For those needing a visa the embassies (as opposed to Pakistani immigration) have stricter requirements, but for you only the rules of Pakistani immigration apply. And they only require it to be valid for the perod of stay.


According to United's Contract of Carriage: Rule 19 Travel Documents Each Passenger desiring transportation across any international boundary is responsible for obtaining and presenting all necessary travel documents, which shall be in good condition, and for complying with the laws of each country flown from, through or into which he/she ...


Visa on arrival for Canadians is only available if: You are invited by a company registered in Pakistan (and this requires prior approval); and your stay has to be for business purposes or; You are part of a tour group and traveling through a designated tour operator. Of course this isn't important as you are a Pakistani citizen and cannot be refused ...

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