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The best answer you're going to get is from someone who's done it which, as you linked in your question, would be this guy. If you follow his instructions to get from Douala to Pointe-Noire it's then a simple case of getting the Congo-Ocean Railway straight to Brazzaville. The only part he gives only the option of hitching is Bifoum to Lambaréné: you ...


OK, this is not first hand experience, but if it helps. Following a comment in Lonely Planet I found this link, I have quoted that Lonely Planet link as well because it has someone who has personally vouched for this and even provided an email offering help for travellers. The next page also contains an update about a year ago, but you may not need it if ...


I don't have a complete answer, but I think you can actually get pretty far by ferry alone. There's a ferry between Puerto Princesa and Iloilo City. You can get there by taking the ferry from Balabac to Bataraza and driving the rest (although there should also be a ferry between Bataraza and Puerto Princesa). Although I don't know any ferries to Balabac, ...


You can take a direct bus from New Delhi to Kathmandu from Ambedkar stadium bus terminus and goes up to Swaymbhu bus terminal at Kathmandu. It is a 30 hour journey and is a daily bus service both ways. Ticket from New Delhi to Kathmandu costs INR 2300. This has only started 2-3 days ago.

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