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The best cheaper way I've found to get from Fez to Algiers is flying via Barcelona. As of April 2016, Fez - Barcelona - Fez is around $35-50 on Ryanair, and Barcelona - Algiers - Barcelona is around $110 on Vueling, for a total price of $150 (round trip).


Not a terribly practical suggestion, perhaps, but one British woman has rowed solo from Japan to Alaska.


There's a Metasearch for cruise ships including all costs. You can do a search by region or from region A to region B. Searching California to Asia for the rest of the year it only shows 2 cruises departing for Tokyo from Vancouver, both in September, 14 days ~$1000 with cruise line Celebrity ...


You can travel on Freight Ships. (EXAMPLE) I am not so sure why you would like that, because there are also cruises to go your route. As for my understanding, your problem is not getting into Japan (an island) but leaving the US. There are many commercial ferries and sea routes to and from Japan (Korea, China, Taiwan…) But your problem is actually ...


Many cruise lines offer transpacific routes. Here is one I found via Google (cruise Vancouver Japan) link If you want to travel regularly, this would not be the best option due to the limited number of ships making that route, but for a one-time trip, it seems reasonable.


Ferries between Japan and Korea, China and Russia. Currently no ferry between Panama and Colombia. However, several companies offer multi-day tours between the two countries. Here's one. No ferries between America and Asia, not even between Alaska and Russia. And no ferries between the Americas and Greenland, Europe or Africa. Charter flights between ...


Travelling by cargo ship (mostly container but also bulk or ro-ro, never heard anything about travelling on a tanker, presumably for safety reasons) is totally a thing. More info and links to specific agents can be found in previous questions tagged “freighter travel”. Many websites advertise specific journeys but you can always contact an agent and see what ...


I also googled and lists what you are asking for, it says 1000 eur. Try googling simply cargo ship travel to Japan. Also see


It's possible to travel on cargo ships, though I'm not sure how practical it is. There are certainly container ships sailing backwards and forwards between the west coast of the US and Japan (and China and other parts of east Asia). See, for example, this question.

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