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If you travel by land, you need to apply for a visa through a Myanmar Embassy or Myanmar consulate in Kunming. To travel with your own vehicle, you must register a tour package with an authorized travel agency in Myanmar.


[TL;DR] An existing, valid, visa waiver does not remove the requirement for ESTA. To fly in you need ESTA. The fact that you already have a visa waiver allowing you to visit for 90 days is irrelevant. Full discussion When I made this trip, maybe 3 years ago, I couldn't find anything on the ESTA, or Customs and Border Protection help websites that deals ...


Your only requirement is the Carnet de Passage. This is sometimes confused with the triptych (but they are not the same thing). You would have had one already since you are already on your trip. Motor vehicle insurance is not mandatory in Pakistan.


If you want to avoid going through Russia, that's a unique challenge. You can try the Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-India route as described here. It's very detailed; your challenges might be getting the right visas and the Iran-Pakistan border. Or you can take a more northern route. Let's look at the ...


Currently, no. There is no road connecting the two countries. Briefly and recently, a ferry ran between Panama and Colombia. However, it seems it is no longer available: Their Facebook page is empty, their website is suspended. Outdated information at Wikioverland suggests the ferry didn't run for most of 2015 either.

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