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If you want to avoid going through Russia, that's a unique challenge. You can try the Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-India route as described here. It's very detailed; your challenges might be getting the right visas and the Iran-Pakistan border. Or you can take a more northern route. Let's look at the ...


Currently, no. There is no road connecting the two countries. Briefly and recently, a ferry ran between Panama and Colombia. However, it seems it is no longer available: Their Facebook page is empty, their website is suspended. Outdated information at Wikioverland suggests the ferry didn't run for most of 2015 either.


[TL;DR] An existing, valid, visa waiver does not remove the requirement for ESTA. To fly in you need ESTA. The fact that you already have a visa waiver allowing you to visit for 90 days is irrelevant. Full discussion When I made this trip, maybe 3 years ago, I couldn't find anything on the ESTA, or Customs and Border Protection help websites that deals ...

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