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We were there (late) July - (early) August 2014 and didn't have any problems. As previous contributors have said, always carry bug spray anyway (Lidl do one that's pretty good) and take plenty of water to drink.


Since you mention Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, there is a National Park Service, a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior that provides simple and detailed maps of all of the national parks. There are simple maps showing roads, buildings, park attractions etc. as well as topographical maps that include trails, landmarks, and most ...


US Topo maps don't presently include these features, mainly because USGS doesn't collect the data. USGS is working on incorporating data from non-governmental organizations into the US Topo maps, however that work is expected to take a while, and some types of data are considered low priority. A FAQ entry addresses these issues in some depth: Why are there ...


The USGS maps are indeed not very useful for outdoor people. They are better than nothing, but lacking a lot of detail. National Geographic Maps are available for popular recreation areas such as national parks. They are much more detailed than the USGS maps. Sometimes also local organisations/companies produce their own maps (e.g. this one for the Wasatch ...

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