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You're a Pedestrian, Act Like One In France roller skates and other wheeled contraptions are considered as games, rather than means of transportation, and are therefore not subject to any specific regulation. Indeed from a legal standpoint the French Traffic Code states that skaters are considered pedestrians and must therefore abide by the same rules. ...


Bubble football! It's not unique to Berlin, but it seems to be popular in Berlin and it fits the bill: it's physically demanding, absurdly fun (also, absurdly absurd), different, and probably suits someone called "soccerman" :-). Image search explains the idea better than I could: (also, there are lots of great videos, here's one). There are lots of ...


Tour E (page only in German) from Berliner Unterwelten e.V. might fit what you are looking for. It's probably only somewhat demanding, so if you aren't tired after, I guess you can climb the outside too.


Considering you liked the climbing: Hochseilgarten/high rope course in Berlin I do not know this one personally, but every similar place in Germany I know has very simple courses you can even do with small kids to hard ones that will REALLY tire you out. Prices look ok, too :).

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