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I've only been to the Great Wall in Beijing, which is a huge segment of the wall. It would be fantastic if the Great Wall were just a single, fully connected really long and thin park. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are instead a bunch (dozens?) of segments that are beautifully reconstructed, like in your picture. These are run as tourist ...


From Wikivoyage on Badaling: The hike is a challenge with plenty of steep hills, so once you get a bit into the wall the crowd thins quickly. It takes ~2-3h to hike the whole wall depending on your fitness/weather/crowd.


I'm chinese, and I went to the Great Wall last year. I believe you can go to the top. But people mountain, people sea. Also, if you do not know the specific way to the great wall, you will pay at least 150 CNY from the last metro or bus station. But it seems there is a train which is fast and cheap and convenient to the great wall directly. The first time, ...


You can walk the entire Ming Dynasty Great Wall it's only 6000 kilometers give or take a few and doesn't even take two years: On Dec 2, 601 days after departing from the Wall's westernmost terminus, Gansu province's Jiayuguan, the 42-year-old stomped over the final brick of the final eastern watchtower, Liaoning province's Hushan.

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