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How reliable am I? Depends how much vin rouge I've had... Seriously, I do my best to keep the site updated, it's an uphill task but if I know bustitution is over I update the site. Countries with lots of visitors eg Italy, Vietnam, South Africa tend to be very up to date, obscure countries such as the Congo or Sudan tend (in all honesty) to get less ...


I'm my experience it's pretty good, obviously it's not perfect but each page has an 'last updated' link, i.e. here's the Philippines page: Page last updated: 30 May 2015 with the note After hurricane damage, these trains were temporarily suspended in late 2012 and are still believed to be suspended as at 2015. It's not clear when or if train ...


Mark, the guy who runs it, is a retired ex-railwayman, and is treated by the industry (at least in Europe) as a journalist. He has exceptionally good industry contacts on top of receiving press briefings, as well as a very large number of readers who travel widely and report in, and travels a lot himself (both at company expense, and using his "privs" ...


I believe that using a website like flightstats (http://www.flightstats.com/go/Home/home.do) will do the job. You can search by route, flight or airport. If that does not work, checking the arrival airport's website normally lists all arrivals on the date of your choice as well as where they arrive from and what airline. That would probably do the trick if ...


If it has your booking number on it, somebody could use it to access your reservation on the airline's website and tamper with it (e.g., cancel or change flights). An obvious countermeasure is to just blur if it is not essential for your purpose.


It is not easy to give a complete answer to this problem. First, I see in your example that you are using the sales city of MAD. I presume you are aware that means you must buy the ticket at a travel agent in Madrid for the result to be valid. If you buy on a website such as Expedia, quite often the point of sale is that of the itinerary origin, not that of ...


Visa-free entry and stay rules are typically tied to the rules for a specific visa category. For example, the US has two visitors visas (B1/B2) but even if you don't need one, one of the requirements of the visa waiver program is that “Travel Purpose Must be Permitted on a Visitor (B) Visa”. Similarly, the requirements to enter the Schengen area for a ...


Not sure if this is what you would be looking for exactly but I did find on Googles hotel search that you can put in a start date and end date and search. When on the search results page you can click on the little bar chart on the right hand side of the dates and give you a little chart of when it's the cheapest. Google flights is similar as well.


It depends how detailed the boarding pass is! Probably the most useful information on the boarding pass is your frequent flier number. This is often printed in full. Together with your name, address and other information obtained elsewhere it may be possible for someone to purchase instant flights with the miles on the other side of the planet from your ...


People will know when you are not at home and might use this information to break into your home.


If the flight has already transpired; then the risk is only that of information disclosure; of which there is limited use (all they would know is your name, which is easily Googled). I would blur the reservation number (if its printed on the boarding pass) for flights that are in the future as most airlines require just the last name and booking reference ...


Try something with the following format: mm/dd/yyyy Such as 10/30/1981 for 30th of October 1981. If it still does not work, try again with different browsers, in this order: Firefox Google chrome Internet explorer (minimum version 10)


I have never tried it for an other airport, but Schiphol, the Amsterdam Airport, publishes all arrivals, as well as all departure, on the text service of the Dutch public television. A quick search shows that London Heathrow also has a list of arrivals. Which makes me think that you might be able to find that information for almost all airports, if maybe not ...


I think you should call the air port where you are, and ask if they can tell you if there is any way for them to see if the plane that you are looking for has landed or delayed!


This answer is a little late, but never mind. Just by looking at the design of the site I would certainly trust it. It's well laid out, not cluttered with ads, and has plenty of information. Also, my browser didn't complain about any security issues. It has all the signs of a trustworthy site. Good job, @MarkSmith!


Usually right now there is no such website, Some website seems to show various rate and compare option however not as much useful for people.I think better option will be you opt manually searching few most reputed website for this as they will be much beneficial as compared to the comparing ones. I am sure you will get the better search result and reviews ...


Since you do not appear to be setting up residency anywhere it is highly unlikely anyone will care. You will not have a local job, therefore you are no different than someone traveling there for meetings, training or conferences and replying to a few work emails. However, you can make immigration care simply by rubbing their noses in it. If you spend the ...


To get the discount, as Drat (above) said, you just show them the card at boarding. However, it's pretty common for places like Greyhound to not check the discount despite them saying that they will check at concession. Specifically for the ISIC discount...(From http://maphappy.org/2014/12/the-hard-real-truth-about-isic-card-benefits/) I bought five ...


Isochrone maps for a bunch of European cities: http://emptypipes.org/2015/05/20/europe-isochrone-map/


I've found TourAmigo (http://www.touramigo.com/) to be the best tour comparison site for multi-day tours. They cover 10 different continents and all the small and major tour operators and allows you to contact the tour companies directly to book which avoids commission fees.

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