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Lots of complaints about this private company. Charges for no work. At least one person lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and received a full refund. http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/immigration-and-naturalization-consultants/canadian-visa-expert-in-richmond-hill-on-1297897/complaints


According to this resource, you can use some of ITA's routing language with Hipmunk.


This page covers some of the basic on Nepal: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Travel-g293889-s208/Nepal:Weather.And.When.To.Go.html As it says there as well, it can be useful for all travellers to take a look at Meteorological Forecasting Division of Goverment of Nepal here: http://www.mfd.gov.np/ to check the weather before travel. This is a live web cam ...


I could not find a centralised list of all community shelters in Quebec. However, I could list some organisations that manage shelters and list some of those along a small portion of the Trans-Canada trail (Sentier National in Quebec), from Mont-Tremblant to the reserve Mastigouche. I list them in the order West-East. For each shelter, I try to list the ...


For audio, may I recommend podcasts. For example, I'm working my way through the last 9 years of Travelling with Rick Steves - a lot of it is discussing different areas of the world, and interviewing travellers, writers and explorers. Naturally on iTunes or whatever your podcast tool is, there's a travel category and others may take your fancy too. For ...


I'm guessing that they are scammers. I once contacted them, and a couple of interesting things showed up 1) I contacted them on a Sunday. They replied 2 hours later. Wow, these guys work on Sunday? 2) I gave them a description of my job; occupation in my industry requires two postgraduate degrees. Five minutes later, they asked if I have a high school ...


The Gallery of passport stamps may help you - it at least indicates which stamps are just small stamps and which countries use an entire page. It shows the entry stamps, exit stamps, and visas, so you can calculate how much space you might require.

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