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There are actually a number of different questions there, and while I can't tackle all of them I can take a stab at a few... In terms of getting into London, it depends which bit you want to go to. For South West London, which does contain a few of the Olympic venues, as well as a number of parks, your best bet is a local bus. The roads between Heathrow and ...


So I found an answer in a glorious infographic, although someone may have a more detailed route, especially as it gets closer to the Olympics themselves.


Good news, a few outlets have created street maps / information for each town. You've already found The Guardian's one. The Telegraph has town-by-town maps and street descriptions - although it's not drawn directly on the map, you can follow the directions. The route was plotted using Locog's PDFs of the torch route, scraped into a database by ScraperWiki....


You have four options, although you may need to wait for a couple of them... The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland houses permanent and temporary exhibits relating to sport and the Olympic movement. However it's closed for renovations until the end of next year. The Norwegian Olympic Museum in Hakon's Hall in Lillehammer, was officially opened by ...


According to Wikipedia, the olympic flame is ignited at Olympia, Greece, from the action of the Sun. No eternal flame seems to exist at this site.


The Guardian has a fantastic interactive map!


There will be box offices open outside events. Some events are selling slower than others. This is especially true of events outside London such as the football in Glasgow. You can see online at what events are available. Buying online near the time will require you to collect the ticket at the box office outside the even. Simply ...


The relay and opening ceremonies will be something you can see. I also highly recommend checking out the nearby parks. As for transportation, I recommend cabs if you aren't used to the tube or bus. It will be way more expensive, but you won't have to worry about getting lost or stuck in the wrong area (and possibly missing your flight!). Also, there will be ...


From 11am UK time on Wednesday May 28, the final batch of tickets goes on sale. London 2012 Olympics: final batch of tickets to go on general release Organisers have confirmed that there is still a good availability for a range of sports including archery, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, diving, handball and hockey. There are also ...

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