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Yup, Okinawa has lots of cheap lodgings, it's where all the Japanese hippies, surfers and dropouts go to hang out. ゲストハウス (gesutohausu, "guesthouse") and 安宿 (yasuyado, "cheap inn") are the usual terms. ¥1000/night is largely a Naha thing though, it's not going to be easy to find that elsewhere in Okinawa. Here's a handy listing of (close to?) all ...


After following the BBC links to his English website, it seems he teaches at a cultural center in Naha... I currently teach Uchinaaguchi at the Well Culture School in Naha. If you have any inquiries or would like to try it out, please call 098-832-5588. Judging by the Japanese news page which still mentions his teaching as recently as autumn last year, ...

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