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Having been to the Death Road in Bolivia, I can confirm it looks quite different to this. This video would actually appear to be in the Himalayas, believed to be between Killar and Kishtwar in northern India, above the Chenab river. Source with more pictures, and detail.


In August most roads should be open. The condition of any given road can never be guaranteed though. You should consult the website of the Icelandic Road Administration for up to date information about what roads are closed. If you click on the Condition of Mountain tracks you'll see the current state. Most roads are open by now, but its been a cold summer ...


It all depends on where you want to go. At any time of year, Landmannalaugar would call for something more substantial than a "small compact". Even a small 4x4 (i.e. a normal sedan with four wheel drive) could get into trouble, you'd really want something with extra ground clearance. Most of the other destinations you mention are easily accessible most of ...


This video was on Canada AM on CTV this morning and the location was given as Nanga Parbut, Pakistan. https://twitter.com/CTVCanadaAM http://canadaam.ctvnews.ca/ Jeff Hutcheson's Twitter feed gives the details and a link to the video on Facebook. Jeff is the presenter on the show. See also this tweet. Here is the video on Youtube.


I don't think there is any legal issue with having no driver/guide as I know it is a popular place for Motorcyclists thanks to The Long Way Round. The Mongol Rally also travels there from London and it doesn't require any driver or guides for that section. Here is a Link to the Lonely Planet Guide on traveling in Mongolia ...


Just as an update... We did eventually hire a Chevrolet Captiva 4x4, which was a great car to drive around. We didn't actually make it onto the F roads, but ended up having to drive on gravel tracks, which were probably pretty much the same. The only problem we had, was that this car which is a 4x4, aka all-wheel-drive, got stuck drive through some mud. ...

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