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When I was in Borjomi last month, I met a couple who had hired a taxi to go from Akhaltsikhe to Batumi via the mountain road. Unfortunately I cannot remember how much they paid, but it is certainly realistic to do so. They got the tourist office in Borjomi to find the taxi for them; you can probably do the same at the Batumi tourist office. It is no more ...


Yes you can drive between Barrow and Prudhoe Bay with proper permits. See below. 11/16/2015 Arnie Arey and his specially outfitted truck, pictured here with other vehicles, haul newly purchased trucks and other cargo by sled, hundreds of miles along the snow and ice between Prudhoe Bay and Barrow, providing a winter link to the state's road ...


I drove this route in a Lada Niva. It's not dangerous at all and not so mountainous as you might think. The biggest part of the road from Batumi to Akhaltsikhe is not asphalted but is wide enough to allow cars to drive in both directions without any risks and can be done with any kind of car / bus. The part from Akhaltsikhe to Borjomi is in very good ...


I believe the Algonquin (Provincial) Park fits perfectly your expectations. That is a big green area in the middle of Central/South Ontario on maps. It surrounds the Highway 60, which gives access to many sights. The park has either easily accessible spots (on the map above) for everyone even with disabilities, or deep forest trails or canoe routes ...


There doesn't seem to be any specific entry into the flats to drive but most tourist sites like talk about using Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway as a base for your speed driving. And given some other information the forums like Bogley you might want to do a lot of research before you head out into the great unknown.


The Ontario Federation of 4WD Recreationists maintains a trail index, which is unfortunately accessible to their members only (joining costs $50). The trails listed there are graded according to their own rating system which covers difficulties ranging from 1 Maintained Dirt Roads to 5+ Impassable trail. In addition, Ontario Trails lists many trails for ...


In general, no, there is no off-roading allowed in Algonquin Park, although there are mountain bike trails. The paved roads are the standard allowable routes by vehicle into the park. Beyond this you have to either backpack or canoe. No float planes or dirt bikes are allowed either.


Because of the areas you are passing through, I would recommend a 4x4. Some 4x4s can be quite expensive to rent, but if you shop around, you may get a cheap deal.

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