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I believe the Algonquin (Provincial) Park fits perfectly your expectations. That is a big green area in the middle of Central/South Ontario on maps. It surrounds the Highway 60, which gives access to many sights. The park has either easily accessible spots (on the map above) for everyone even with disabilities, or deep forest trails or canoe routes ...


There are a couple of campsites near Ghanzi which is about halfway between Gaborone and Windhoek. Thakadu Bushcamp Dqae Qare El Fari Bushcamp Grassland Bushman Lodge Tautona Lodge I can recommend Thakadu which is basic but clean and has a nice bar and restaurant with a waterhole nearby. The camp site of Tautona Lodge is fine too but it is a bit far ...


The Ontario Federation of 4WD Recreationists maintains a trail index, which is unfortunately accessible to their members only (joining costs $50). The trails listed there are graded according to their own rating system which covers difficulties ranging from 1 Maintained Dirt Roads to 5+ Impassable trail. In addition, Ontario Trails lists many trails for ...


Because of the areas you are passing through, I would recommend a 4x4. Some 4x4s can be quite expensive to rent, but if you shop around, you may get a cheap deal.

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