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It's possible, but you're not going to have a lot of time if you only have 6 hours to do it in, and I would not attempt this if you have a lot of bags to drag around. Narita to Shibuya is about 80 minutes by Narita Express, although beware that not all N'EX trains stop at Shibuya, meaning you may have a wait of up to 30 minutes. There are other options (...


As India is not on Japan's Visa Waiver List you should be able to get a Shore Pass/Transit Pass however this is not guaranteed (as we don't know your particular circumstances) and you may be refused boarding by the airline in some cases. Japan has the following (taken from Qatar Airways Visa Check Portal) TWOV (Transit Without Visa): Holders of onward ...


You get it on Arrival, however it's only issued if there are no connecting flights to your destination on the same calendar day. It's valid for 72 hours. At Immigration, Show your onward ticket and passport

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