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Seems like the question is already answered, but I think some tips on how to move with bags in a rush hour in Tokyo would be appropriate in this thread. Rush hours: Morning rush hour starts ~8AM and suddenly ends at ~10AM. It is really like that, at 9:30 all trains are crowded and after 10:00 not anymore. Evening rush hour has two waves. First one is ...


I returned from my trip and I was able without a visa to pass security through the transit section in Narita, ANA was able to send my luggage to my final destination even if I had a connecting flight with United Airlines in Narita with a different booking.


Trains in Japan run on New Year's Eve, and January 1st. For most of the day, they will operate with a weekend/holiday schedule; however, some lines expand their service to cover late-night and early morning "hatsumode" visits. I doubt that the airport line sees any increase in service. If you search hard enough, you may come across some information about ...


The Keisei Limited Express departs Ueno and Nippori and costs 1030 Yen with an IC card. This journey will take about 70min. You can get to Ueno from Akasaka on the Ginza line in about 25min for 200 Yen. This is a good, cheap and fast option if you want to avoid buses.


With an IC card you can go from Akasaka to Machiya on the Chiyoda subway line (195 yen), and from Machiya to the airport via Keisei (973 yen). This is three yen more expensive than @jpatokal's answer, and slightly more inconvenient as there are two train transfers, instead of relaxing on the bus. But, this weekend may see some highway congestion due to the ...


The cheapest option will almost certainly be taking the Marunouchi Line subway from Akasaka-Mitsuke to Ginza (Y170) and transferring to the Access Narita bus to Narita (Y1000). Or you can also take the subway an extra stop to Tokyo stn, which is also served by Access Narita and has twice as many departures. Note that IC cards are not valid for the bus, ...

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