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TRD is relatively small airport (as compared to Dusseldorf for example). In addition to that your flight is inside the Schengen area, this means that there are no customs/passport checks, no lines to wait in. Therefore you walk out of the plane, go straight into the baggage claim, get your bag and then walk to the bus station. One hour is more than ...


Norwegian LowFare tickets for flights within the Nordic countries can be canceled without charge within 4 hours after the booking. After that, the tickets are non-refundable. If it's any help, you can however until 30 minutes before departure change the name, destination or time by paying a fee. Depending on whether or not you have further plans to fly, that ...


Just back from trip to Norway. Used the '3' network pay as you go data card in Norway. Excellent network coverage at UK home country rates - works out to be 1p per MB. Network i was signed on to was 'N Telenor'.

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