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I'm from Oslo, but I've lived in the Bergen area and used public transportation there. The company you're interested in is called Skyss. Here are some suggestions: Bus To get to Stord from Bergen busstasjon N (The central bus terminal in Bergen) you can take the bus that will be marked 400 Stavanger. Get off at Leirvik bussterminal. That is the capital ...


To answer your question (and also limit the answer to entering Norway), Norwegian custom rules only allow you to make use of the duty free allowance once every 24 hour. Quoting from Norwegian Custom's information page on the duty free allowance: Hvis du er i utlandet kortere enn ett døgn: Ved utenlandsopphold på mindre enn ett døgn kan du én gang i ...


How about Stegastein viewpoint?


Beyond that specific case, there are a number of rules that can be used to make sure duty-free allowances are difficult to abuse (not all of them might apply to any one country and some might be difficult to enforce): Time-based limit as already mentioned by others. Alternatively, the allowance can also be limited to one use "per trip" (the end of the trip ...


Or from the viewpoint at Bergsbotn, Senja

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