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Remember that for most, adjusting to driving on the left isn't the hard part, it's adjusting to sitting on the right of the car. You'll have this instinct to veer more to the left of your lane than normal - fight this! Roundabouts also seem to surprise some foreigners (we have them in NZ and see the results). Follow the general rule that traffic in the ...


The signage will be more than adequate given your proposed route. It's well travelled. Problems with signage will occur between November and June when they are insufficiently lit and the weather limits visibility. There's some free B&B locator apps (also commercial grade) for the UK and ROI that you may wish to install before leaving.


Yes, more often than not petrol stations in the rural areas are represented by national chains like Tesco's, Jet, Morrisons, and locals like Go. Most of them will have a cash point also. There are also lots of self-service petrol stations where the pay point is next to the pump and an attendant is not required at all. Tip: Get a Tesco Loyalty card ...

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