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On megabus.co.uk, you can find an Amsterdam - London ticket for 17.50 pounds. Then, a London to Dublin ticket can set you back as little as 15 pounds. Both connections include a ferry. Occasionally, Megabus offers deals of 10 pounds for each of the above legs. But, note that trying to book the whole journey as one trip is almost always (if not always) more ...


Wow, interesting question. Nature-wise there's SO much to see in Ireland - Cliffs of Moher, Giant's Causeway, the Dingle Peninsula. There's sights from Blarney Castle to the amazing history and sights of Belfast. However, if you're after things specifically that children may enjoy - 'history' stuff is probably out ;) I'd suggest the following to include ...


There probably will be a one-way rental fee between Ireland and the UK. For example, Hertz describe theirs in general terms here (update: it looks to be around ~1000 EUR+ for Ireland to the UK). I know from past experience that Hertz, for example, will show you the applicable one-way rental fee as part of the costing if you plan a reservation on their ...


Your cheapest option is probably a flight, but this is not certain. Easyjet appears to have cheap flights between Amsterdam and Belfast, although I'm not sure how many hidden fees are added to their advertised price. If not flying, between Amsterdam and London, a cheap option is the Dutch Flyer, which will set you back £49: Dutch Flyer connects you from ...


The excessive cost from Hertz is to pay for somebody to bring back an Irish registered car to Ireland and then fly back to London. Two days work probably, plus ferry and flight. Only multinationals like Hertz and Avis will accept your card insurance, so be careful to check with whomever you rent, that you are fully covered! I reckon the Dublin to Dublin ...


The model railway at Clonakilty is worth seeing and if you are touring by car, it is worth while being open to distraction, as a lot of very interesting sites can just pop up - visits to islands, the Clonakilty Elvis festival, children's farms, butterfly farms, hawk sanctuaries, caves and so forth. Ireland has some very interesting old places such as ...


In Cork, Fota Island Wildlife Park would be well worth a look, and Dublin Zoo when in Dublin.


I'm from Dublin, here's some of the things I loved as a kid: Children's Wax Museum (http://www.waxmuseumplus.ie/) Dublinia Medieval/Viking Dublin Recreation (http://www.dublinia.ie/) Dublin Zoo (http://www.dublinzoo.ie) Never liked all the geographical features like the Giants Causeway etc!


As well as some of very scenic areas mentioned by @Mark Mayo, there is the Aqua Dome in Tralee, Co. Kerry. It's basically a small indoor waterpark/swimming pool. It could be a suitable afternoon activity if you want to give the little one something fun and the weather is rainy.


Belfast is awesome place. There are many attractions in Belfast. I recommend you visit Grand Opera House , Royal Ulster Rifles Museum , Belvoir Park Golf Club , The Odyssey , Queens Film Theatre , Ulster Museum, Titanic Dock and Pump House , City Hall etc.Last time during my Europe travel I visited Belfast it is really beautiful place.


I just checked several flight options. EasyJet, if you do not need to bring luggage, starts from €32, a few months from now. That is including all taxes but excluding all extras you can avoid, like luggage and from Schiphol, so €2.10 for a bus ticket needs to be added. Not sure how much extra for the Belfast end, Belfast International. Eurolines London to ...


I believe you'll find that any direct train route should be applicable. The prices will vary, but as you specify from say, London, to say, Dublin, there'll just be a calculation done based on your route. Indeed, Arrivetrainwales shows this - allowing you to enter in any two stations in either country. As does directferries, which also explains transfers ...

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