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Author Paul Theroux tried it in the 1970's, as documented in his book 'The Old Patagonian Express' [ISBN 0141189150] - I think he had quite a few gaps though, and used several lines that are no longer in use... Wikipedia On that basis, I'd say that no, it isn't, and it is in fact less possible now than it was 30 years ago.


No. Wikipedia has a page on rail transport in Central America with an overview of the situation in each country. The Man in Seat 61 also has a page about Central and South America (though it does look somewhat incomplete, at least for South America). Overall, each country has, or doesn't have, its own network. There is currently no railway crossing any ...


To the best of my knowledge it's not. The passenger train service in Mexico doesn't seem to have long distance trains and in the United States you can get to the Mexican border in El Paso or San Diego but you never actually cross it in a train. So your trip is going to be cut short long before you get to the Darien Gap.

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