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Just to clarify first, travelling on rooftops happens on small train routes - local trains that stop at each and every small station, typically not run using electric engines, slow routes et al. For most long distance travel, this will not be the case. The stereotypical image of people hanging out of train coaches used as filler shots in montages in ...


Le john says most of what I would answer. As I have already said in the related question. The key to cheap traveling in Europe is planning all your traveling ahead and online. If you have to revert to counters you are doomed to pay a lot. If, as you have indicated, you don't want to plan. The options are hitchhiking, cycling, or walking. I have just seen a ...


Seriously, if you have time and really want to get to know a region, a walking holiday is ideal. I haven't tried it in France, but check this out. Like many western European countries, France has an extensive trail system.


Buses:You can go to the bus station and then get tickets.A lot of buses in India with travel time of 5-6 hrs operate without advance reservations but keep in mind that sometimes(especially during festive season,etc) they may be quite crowded and you really don't any part of that. Also if you can plan 12-24 hrs in advance,you can be nearly sure that you'll ...


Like Reid mentioned. You can try for Tatkal. But chances are that you will be unable to without some valid ID. And I am not sure if Passport counts. If it does then you are in luck. Your other option is to buy a general class ticket. And when you get to the train either board that class. Or get an upgrade by paying one of the ticket guys. It will be a bit ...


Just to add a piece of information that you might already know, there is a Foreign quota so there still might me some tickets available for long distance rides. There are two conditions - you have to be a foreigner (you don't say?!) and you have to pay in foreign currency, not sure, but I believe only American dollars, British pounds and Euros. A great thing ...


A rail pass is definitely a cheap way to travel a lot if you don't live in France. As for Eurolines, normally you can't use it to travel from one city to another in France. You can only use it to travel abroad.


3 months (90 days, to be exact) is the period for which a citizen of a visa-exempt country such as Australia is allowed to stay in the EU (the Schenge area, to be exact) without a visa. If you want to stay longer, you need a long-stay visa (and a residence permit if it's longer than a year).

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