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September is not exactly 'post-season'. It's surely not gonna be like July and August but there are gonna be some parties till mid September and the island is not gonna be empty. Here's a blog where they write about events in mykonos.


Yes, it does exists :) As I can say, night life in Moscow is much more glamourous, rather than in Saint-Petersburg there are a lot of small clubs, each with a small dance hall (there are big ones also, but not in such number as in Moscow). Many of them are located across Nevsky prospekt, so pick and go there :) One should note that the right company will ...


I have been to night clubs in Moscow, although last time a few years ago, so this relates to my own experience. Note that Russian is one of my native languages, therefore I didn't have to deal with the language problem (although I am not native Russian). It's often very difficult to get into very "high class" clubs, although not impossible. If you don't ...


(Disclaimer, I've never been to Russia, and only been clubbing (before and afterhours) in London, Paris, Barcelona and my hometown Montreal). I do believe that clubbing in Russia is safe, at least for the major clubs that attracts international DJs. See your previous post about language issue in Russia. If you feel that language is an issue during the day ...

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