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Yes. While you are meant to apply for a visa to your main, intended destination country, it doesn't really matter that much once you get your visa. There's nothing to stop you changing your mind about where you go when you get to Schengen. You can travel freely within the Schengen Area and leave from wherever you like. Once you leave Schengen (in your case ...


There isn't a passport check to get out of the country. The airline will generally check your passport to make sure you have permission to enter the destination (they have to bear the cost of returning you if you are refused entry) and the staff at security and boarding will normally check some form of Id matches your ticket - but mostly to make sure you ...


Of course. A visa is merely a statement of period of validity - you're asking the country for permission to enter between dates x and y. If you also need permission for dates y to z, or different dates entirely, you can do so. Depending on the country, reason for second visa, and type of visa, they may either allow you to have two valid visas in your ...


Yes you should be able to get another UK visa without any issues. Of course you must make sure that you don't violate any other visa conditions. As mentioned by @DumbCoder, UK specifically stops pregnant women, becuse they can give birth in UK and then demand UK residency because of the child

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