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I think this is beyond the level of general visa advice that this site can provide. I am not a lawyer, but this sounds like visa fraud. The US's laws against visa fraud are quite strict. I don't know for sure, but common sense suggests the US government would be remiss not to keep a permanent record of an incident like this. So even if you apply again, ...


Yes, you do need an entry visa. The information is here from the New York consulate and extracted below: Note: When I look for the visa processing fee, there was a footnote for Nigerian applicants: *N.B. In order to obtain a visa, Nigerian Nationals will need to provide the Consulate with a letter of invitation from individuals they are visiting or ...


Here you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Nigerian_citizens Not guaranteed to be up to date, but usually pretty darn close. Click through the references to Timatic to confirm.


Nate already provided a very good answer but I would like to stress another point. Focusing on the passport is the wrong way to approach this. What happened is that you were refused a visa, apparently because you were suspected of having obtained another one fraudulently. It's not merely a ”passport error”. You definitely need to get a new passport without ...

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