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The best way to get from Gare de Nice Ville to your hotel is to take the tram. Since it's late at night, you probably don't want to walk the whole way. But, you will probably have to wait at a tram stop. As you exit the train station, turn left and a short walk east is the "Gare Thiers" tram stop. The tram runs until just after midnight (at about 20-30 ...


To get from the train station to the hotel, the most direct way is actually to walk 1.2 km (15 min). If you do want to take the bus, you will have to walk to Rue de Maréchal Joffre (10 min, 750m) and take the N5 bus. From there, you can walk 3 min (280m) to Hotel Wilson. (source) To get from Hotel Wilson to NCE, you can walk 300m to Station J.C. Bermond and ...

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