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Google can answer exchange rates in many currencies! Just type "20000 cordobas to us dollars" in the search box and you'll get the amount in Us Dollars you have.


Rome2rio says bus via Puntarenas, for a total cost between 24-35EUR. The international bus company is Transnica. The second segment is a local bus N. 675. For completeness sake note that Transnica has some not-so-positive feedback on tripadvisor dating 2013. I don't know if the situation has changed since then, but it might be worth asking around in ...


I booked a private car via the company NicaRoads, via their website and a follow up email. Was able to go from Managua to San Juan Del Sur for $70. A driver with a name card met me at the airport.


There does not seem to be buses or other land transportation options directly from the airport. There are some bus stations in Managua, however. According to the Lonely Planet and Wikivoyage, there are buses to go from Managua to most cities in Nicaragua, including those you named. There is also a bus schedule website but I have no idea who runs this ...

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