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Assuming you will be visiting the capital, Managua, July actually seems the worst time to visit, as it's in the middle of the rainy season. Other areas of the country probably won't be sunny as well.


DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER IN NICARAGUA. I went to Diriamba, it is west of Managua. I drank bottled water, but brushed my teeth with tap water. Tap water made me sick with TD. The Hospitals are not as clean as in the States either, and they choose who the treat. Please keep this in mind. Spend the money on bottled water, and use it to brush your teeth also. ...


Bus it, Man Rome2rio says there are three bus services from San Jose, Costa Rica to somewhere near Lake Nicaragua (PeƱas Blancas, Costa Rica or Rivas, Nicaragua). Indeed following up on the bus company websites one finds the information below. Note that ticket costs often don't include immigration taxes to enter/exit Costa Rica and Nicaragua. At the time of ...

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