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Forget Times Square! Take public transport direct to SoHo. Spend, say, 3-5 hours being really cool and having fun. You need plan nothing - every single street, every corner, in the SoHo/Tribeca etc area is worth seeing. Take in a few cafes and maybe galleries. You can't go wrong. Hop on public transport and go back for your flight. It's that easy.


New York City subway service has only been interrupted once for snow in 110 years, and the decision to do so was criticized when the snowstorm actually dropped far less snow than expected. It was also interrupted for Hurricane Sandy, back in 2012, but that was actually a well-advised closure. You're extremely unlikely to see a system-wide service ...


Nope, not unless you have a time machine. There used to be an elevator, but it doesn't exist anymore. You can walk over the island, though, then take the subway back to the island. More info: http://rioc.ny.gov/transportation.htm


The regulations are the same throughout New York City (for all 5 boroughs). You can look up the regulations for parking on the NYC DOT site which will give you detailed regulations block by block. Or you can look up complete list (if your head won't spin) again on the New Your City's Department of Transportation site. But mostly you should look at the ...

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