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You should probably look at the FAQ to answer your question: It looks like there are no available tour times. Why am I unable to book a reservation online? Reservations are available at a first-come, first-served basis 30 days in advance on a rolling calendar. Can I book a reservation for more than four months from now? No. Reservations ...


Yes, you can arrive earlier at Liberty Island - that 1:00PM time is for Pedestal access, not island access. I'd definitely recommend having a wander round the island - the gardens are nice, and the views are well worth it if the weather is good. And yes, not only can you take a packed lunch, I'd recommend it. The security is like airport security, but not ...


I've gone up the empire state building with my pro gear, had no problems; but you will not be allowed to bring any-type of tripod nor monopod & if the rules had changed .. then I would advice you to go to the Observation deck in the Freedom towers or Rockefeller Centers (top of the rock)

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