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When you arrive on Greyhound in NYC, you will be in one of the underground levels of the Port Authority bus terminal. From here, take the escalators one level up to the subway level. The lower level is somewhat sloped; the escalators you want are uphill at the far (highest) end of the level. On the subway level you can purchase a MetroCard to pay your subway ...


If you can't afford, or don't want to pay the $5 for the Air Train, you can take the 'A' train from the port authority stop to Lefferts Boulevard. Get on a Downtown/Brooklyn Bound A train. Once there, you can take a Q10 bus. You can see this bus on the subway map. There are other buses too. Keep in mind that while this ...


New York crime statistics are available at the the NYPD website under Crime Prevention. You'll find city wide statistics and statistics for each precinct— a map of precincts is also available. e.g. An alternative point of view would be a visualation of crime, which are typically found by searching for "mash ups", e.g. NYC Crime Map The site Flowing ...


What mkennedy said in his comment is right. This google search shows you how busy they think it will be over the course of the day. Looks like trough the week it's pretty even. I hope it is the aquarium you are looking for.


You can catch the Hampton Jitney bus (no relation) every 15-30 minutes all day from Manhattan to Manorville, then a taxi back to Brookhaven National Laboratory. The taxi fare may be quite a bit cheaper this way than from Ronkonkoma as the distance is shorter. It may also be faster, depending on time of day, since the bus has only one stop between Manhattan ...


I messaged my advisor and she informed me that I would need to take the train from Penn station to Ronkonkoma and then Taxi to BNL. Thanks for the help.

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