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Honestly? There's only a few dozen intersections where this sort of ambiguity is a thing; while Street, Avenue is the most common usage, I've heard the reverse often enough, as have most New Yorkers, that if you're talking about an intersection of two single digit roads, you're going to qualify/classify it. There are a variety of reasons that this doesn't ...


There are tours designed specifically for this: Free Tours by Foot gives a few choices like: Times Square Church Brooklyn Tabernacle Of course that's not the only venue to hear the a gospel choir B.B. King Blues Club has Harlem Gospel Choir performing. Or you can just review the New York Gospel site to find the venue you might like.


Six Flags Great Adventure is a very large amusement park and perhaps the most obvious choice. Google says it is 1:06 away from Union City by car. There are smaller parks closer to Union City which may be better for younger kids, e.g. Bowcraft. Your choice depends a bit on your group...


As a native New Yorker, I've done this trip very many times via both car and plane. And I would only consider flying. It will be cheaper, faster, and much more pleasant for all. JetBlue is the best option in terms of comfort, though not the cheapest (if that's your main concern.) Countless other carriers do that route as well. The only exception in my ...


Using public transportation your pretty much only bet is visiting New York City, Jersey City, or Hoboken. Everything else you might need to get a car. If you do a quick search on the map of Manhattan you will get quite a few. There are larger ones like: Hells Kitchen Flea Market Brooklyn Flea And quite a few smaller ones listed.


Given your restrictions on transportation namely public transportation your choices are limited to: Victoria Gardens Luna Park Adventurers Park All located in New York City.

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