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Your Greyhound will certainly leave from Port Authority in New York, some tickets don't have the door or gate number printed on them, but everything is available at the station. I've done this myself on a few occasions, it's a big station and they've organized it a little like an airport in the sense where they have some panels up with the next departures ...


Enter at 42nd and 8th. It's the big building with the taxis and sketchy characters standing outside (or if arriving by subway, enter through the direct subway entrance). Go downstairs to gates ~60-90ish. There are signs labeling it, but I don't recall the exact range listed. After descending the stairs to the correct level, the bus to DC will be somewhere ...


You can find your gate by asking someone from the Greyhound ticket booth or you can use the new touch screen that tells you your gate by searching for your travel id located somewhere on your ticket.


it's unclear if you're asking if you are allowed to (visa rules) or if it's worth doing / do you have enough time with ten hours titularly. Assuming you mean "is it worth doing..." If you are happy to just take a taxi both ways (and it's not a problematic traffic time of day), I'd say yeah just go straight in to Manhattan. I'd choose ahead of time a ...


Since you have a visa yes you're allowed to leave an airport but you will have all your bags with you when you do.

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