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The $5 surcharge of the AirTran is only collected at the terminal stops, so when transferring to the Subway or entering the airport. If you're looking to avoid that charge, you can take the AirTran to the car rental exit (at no cost) and hop on the free shuttle bus to Jamaica station. There you can take the E, J or Z which serve southwestern Queens, Brooklyn ...


Last time I was in NYC overnight waiting for an early morning bus out of Port Authority, I spent a few hours in the Starbucks on 42nd Street east of 8th Avenue. You can see it from the Port Authority terminal's main entrance on 8th. The bad news is that it's no longer open 24 hours. The good news is that there's another Starbucks at 43rd and Broadway that ...


The times listed for the tickets do not seem to correspond to the ferry schedule in any way. My best guess is that they are intended as the time you present yourself at Will Call. There is (at least in the summer) then a queue for the ferry. I suggest simply emailing the park (here) for clarification.

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