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I imagine the new bus service would follow the Narayanghat Mugling Highway to get into the higher valleys and onto Kathmandu or Pokhara. Without knowing where you went within Nepal 20 years back, I would hazard a guess that maybe you went up either the Siddharta Highway (to Pokhara) or the Tribhuvan Highway (to Kathmandu). Both of these roads are still ...


You can take a direct bus from New Delhi to Kathmandu from Ambedkar stadium bus terminus and goes up to Swaymbhu bus terminal at Kathmandu. It is a 30 hour journey and is a daily bus service both ways. Ticket from New Delhi to Kathmandu costs INR 2300. This has only started 2-3 days ago.


Lets get realistic, even if you do whatever other people may say, humans need food and a place to sleep, so absolute free travel is impossible, unless you walk(using your own energy), beg (ask for a lift) or steal (travel without ticket in a train and pretend to have no money to any ticket checking staff, which is highly highly discouraged). Having said, ...


I've read a report at russian-language travel forum from a guy, who hitch-hiked through almost all india, so it seems to be the only option you have

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