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write the first address complete in visa form including address contact no email and fax no of Netherland bnb if your are applying from Netherland embassy. you need to mention in your covering letter about all your stay in schengen area with hotel name, city, and dates accordingly where you will be staying later.


I have done an internet search in Dutch, I did not find the 'do not lean against buildings' for Rotterdam, nor in general neither for this one event. In the Netherlands it is quite common for cities to have special rules 'with status of law' for special events. The Ingress event is quite big and the city officials will likely not want it to get out of hand. ...


I was in Amsterdam 3 months ago, and I had no problem to buy and smoke weed in a coffeeshop and I was in several coffeeshops ;) I was also in Rotterdam and Den Haag and even there it wasn't a problem.


just walk into the coffee shop, you will know which ones will be selling weed it will be painfully obvious, go up to the counter and say 'alright mate can i have some kush and coffee' Sit down and he will bring it to you, pretty simple


What the law currently says is that "coffee shops" are only allowed to sell cannabis to people residing in the Netherlands (ingezetenencriterium) and can check that by asking a proof of registration from a Dutch municipality (together with a valid ID). This rule has replaced the "weed pass" concept, which has been abandoned, and is in principle valid ...


At hostel Ani & Haakien, they offer a free tour (eve if you are not staying with them. Starts at 11am at their door.


They are probably going to visit us a lot. What would they need to do in order to qualify for a multiple entry visa? The 'Standard Visitor Visa' is multiple-entry by default so there is nothing special they need to do. should they apply for the visa, since we do not have exact dates, and they can not book tickets yet? Unlike other ...


Being Dutch, I have never heard of such law. I also doubt there is a law that would cover this, I would take it as a try to intimidate you. But also as a 'please really, really do not do this.' If caught out after you made the picture and before you had seen the sign, I would let them try to sue you. But if seeing the sign before you take the picture, do ...

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