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India and Nepal have had free movement of people starting back in 1950. According to the treaty, there are are almost no restrictions on visiting, buying property, opening a company, etc. Foreign citizens aren't included in the scope of the agreement and the two countries remain fully separate in the eyes of most tourists. The border between Vatican City ...


I you see the trend of tourist coming to Nepal by land in 2013. It shows more than 200000 tourist come from land and obviously from India. There are different route for coming to the border of Nepal, Some people also take train also. There are different entering route from Delhi, some famous are Bhairahawa, Birgunj, Mahendranagar. But connecting point is ...


Yes Nepal has open borders with India, but it is only valid for Nepalese and Indian people. So it means citizen of either countries don't need passport and visa to enter each other's countries but they might need to show citizenship or other identity on ask.


Officially Nepal don't ask travelers any immunization to come inside country. But it may differ if you are travelling from the country where yellow fever is present. Reference from Lonelyplanet

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